Managed Services

Simplyfy Administered Services  (SAS) believes that by putting the client at the center of what we do, we will deliver against expectation and exceed service excellence. We provide an engagement model, led by Service Management, into the Managed Services partnership and they will always position the client IT department at the center of all interactions. We are very aware that businesses go through changing cycles, sometimes a buying cycle, other times a delivery focused one. By flexing to this cycle, SAS hopes to remain relevant and meet the changing requirements of the client environment when needed.DONE

Asset Inventory

  • Automated inventory management
  • SNMP asset tracking
  • Software license compliance

Alert Monitoring

  • Alerts when issues arise
  • Automated customer support panel
  • Performance and capacity planning

Integrated Support Services

  • Notification of business-critical alerts
  • Help Desk Support
  • Remote/on-site remediation

  • Monitor hardware performance
  • Device polling and daily systems check
  • Device reboot and recovery

Patch Management and Updates

  • Schedule patching and updates
  • Automatic security patch deployment
  • Patch assessments and reporting


  • Integrated anti-virus engine
  • Virus scans and advanced reporting
  • Virus update confirmation
File and Database Backup

  • Virtualize server on-line in minutes
  • Files and folders are easily recovered
  • Redundant automatic fail over

Offsite/Cloud Storage

  • Replication to a secure Cloud
  • Full image backup of servers
  • Transaction by transaction replication

  • Frequently sync data off-site
  • Files and folders are easily recovered
  • Redundant automatic fail over

Security Services

  • 256AES Data Encryption
  • Replication to multiple locations
  • Monitor security profile for threats

Learn more by visiting our backup and disaster recovery page.

Alert Monitoring

  • Alerts when passwords are expiring
  • Decrease in disk space
  • Prohibited software usage


  • Virus checks are run every few hours
  • Pre-fabricated status reporting
  • Track physical and virtual locks

Patch Management and Updates

  • Scan for missing patches and configuration
  • Automatic patch dependencies and sequencing
  • Weekly patch assessments and reporting
Asset Inventory

  • Asset change reports identify tampered devices
  • Automated asset and data inventory management
  • Software license compliance

Secure Remote Access

  • Instant access to remote system
  • Encrypted secure connection
  • Additionally provides user remote access from anywhere

Integrated Support Services

  • Notification of business critical alerts
  • Help Desk Support 24/7/365 days
  • Remote/on-site remediation (T&M)
File, Print, and Fax Services

  • Distributed file system WAN replication
  • Assign printer permissions and pooling
  • Configuration of Windows fax server

Microsoft Exchange Email

  • Create and modify mailboxes
  • Active Sync(mobile device config)
  • Install updates, hotfixes and rollups
Active Directory

  • Permission to network resources
  • Backup/restore time synchronization
  • Device reboot & recovery

Microsoft Office 365

  • Secure customize Cloud services
  • IM, audio/video calls and online meetings
  • Access email, documents, calendar and contacts from any device – anywhere

Why Managed Services? We help you to:

  • CATCH any problems before they cause a major outage
  • PROTECT your data as well as your desktops and devices to decrease time spent and increase security
  • MANAGE your applications
  • EXECUTE a business continuity and disaster recovery, protecting your most critical asset to your business.
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